Tara Sherfield

Executive Director

Tara founded CFOA as she saw the benefits of connecting British and American Politicians. She is the Executive Director of CFOA and oversees every aspect of the organisation. Tara's background is in politics on both sides of the pond.  She is currently a County Councillor. 

Richard Pears


Richard has a diverse background in business and politics. Richard is a Cabinet Member on Cornwall Council, former Chairman of Cornwall’s Conservative Party, and Mayor of St Austell. He serves on the boards of companies involved in IT, construction, and aerospace as well as assisting non-profits.

Russ Gerson

Director of CFOA American Office

Russ Gerson is an American Businessman. He has served on the Boards of Empower America, The Hudson Institute and was a founder Director of the Executive Board of the Republican Governors Association.

Alexander Rogers

Director of CFOA Westminster Office

Alexander Rogers works using his position as an MP's Chief of Staff in Westminster to promote the relationship between the UK and USA. Alexander previously worked as a Campaign Manager over 3 General Elections, directing winning campaigns for various Conservative MPs. 



Dr Liam Fox MP

UK Chairman

Dr Liam Fox has served as the MP for North Somerset since 1992 and has previously led the Ministry of Defence and Department for International Trade as a Cabinet minister.

Lord Astor of Hever

Honorary UK Vice Chairman

Lord Astor is an experienced businessman and politician. He served as a Minister in the Ministry of Defence from 2010 to 2015, and is involved with organisations across the globe, working to strengthen the UK and the Conservative Party’s standing.

Andrew Bowie MP

Parliamentary Officer

Andrew Bowie has served as the MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine since 2017 and was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Conservative Party when Boris Johnson came to power in 2019, responsible for the Young Conservatives wing at CCHQ.

Chris Grayling MP

Parliamentary Officer

Chris Grayling has served as the MP for Epsom and Ewell since 2001. In that period he has held a number of high profile ministerial positions, including as Justice Secretary, Leader of the House of Commons and Transport Secretary.

Harriett Baldwin MP

Parliamentary Officer

Harriett Baldwin has served as the MP for West Worcestershire since 2010 and in a profusion of ministerial roles in her time in Westminster, including in the Treasury, Foreign Office and Ministry of Defence.

Steve Baker MP

Parliamentary Officer

Steve Baker has served as the MP for Wycombe since 2010 and he has previously served as a Brexit minister as well as Chairman of the prominent European Research Group. He has long promoted the view that leaving the EU will present new opportunities for a closer UK-US relationship.